Workshop leaders wanted

We”re looking for people to run writing workshops and small group sessions at the first day of our annual festival, Pow-Wow Litfest. We will provide the venue, publicity and admin in exchange for a percentage of the fee income; all you need to do is put together a brilliant workshop, then turn up and deliver it.

The workshops will run on Saturday 14th September 2013. We”ll sort out precise timings when we have the full line-up. Please email your proposal to info [at] pow [hyphen] wow [dot] org [dot] uk. Make sure you include:

  • Title and outline of your workshop
  • How many people it is for
  • How much you propose to charge
  • How long you need
  • What facilities you need
  • Some brief notes about your experience and credentials

Be creative and original- we”re looking forward to hearing from you!

7 thoughts on “Workshop leaders wanted

    • AK says:

      Good point, thanks Jenny. I really need at least an expression of interest by the end of March, even if there are still some details to firm up.

      • Hi Andy,

        Would you be interested in a ‘Writing for Children’ Workshop? Either writing picture books or children’s fiction, I run both.

        Best wishes,

        Karen King

        • AK says:

          Definitely! Perhaps both… Please email me with details (time, numbers etc.)- info [at] pow [hyphen] wow [dot] org [dot] uk (sorry I can’t write the address properly, it just leads to being deluged with spam…)

  1. Hi Andy
    Had a great meeting with Louise Palfreyman last night about possible involvement as a workshop leader. Before I apply, could you clarify the payment method, ie: do you guarantee a minimum fee or is it calculated merely by multiplying the number of participants by individual entrance fee and then subtracting a percentage fee to Pow Wow.

    • AK says:

      Thanks for the question Alex. It’s based on percentage of fees- there’s no guaranteed minimum payment for workshop leaders. Pow-Wow will put up the money for venue and publicity though, and recoup it from our percentage.

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