Ghostwriting and Copyediting

Time for the final review. And I have to admit, I”m? not particularly familiar with the concept of ghostwriting. I think there was a Jonathan Creek once where a ghostwriter was killed, and that is pretty much the depth of my knowledge on the subject. So we”ll see… Writing Tips: Ghostwriting The positive: As an introduction for someone who doesn”t know about this, it strikes me as very honest (probably because there are lots of numbers) and down to earth. It”s also interesting to see that it”s aimed at those who want ghostwritig done for them, not ghostwriters looking for work (I wasn”t sure). I hadn”t heard of “halfway house” ghostwriting either (neither have you?). It handles sensitive issues carefully and gives advice that may save people”s feelings, including links to other (internal) sources. The negative: It isn”t typo-free and, littered with success stories, it”s definitely a marketing page, but I do reckon that makes sense here. More importantly, I take issue with this: “On the other hand, if what you want is a beautifully bound and presented book to share with friends and family, then we can sort that out for you. Self-publishing like this gives you total control over cover design, illustrations, layout, etc. It can be a wonderful gift, either to yourself or for a loved one. ” Self-publishing can seem like an attractive idea, but there are several important things anyone considering this should know. For example, that if you self-publish, it is very, very unlikely that a mainstream publisher will pick up your work afterwards. I know this page is aimed at those who want their life story made into a book for them, not those who want to break into a writing career, but as the only mention of this, it should provide all the information if it is to act as an advice page, not select self-serving parts: not mention the disadvantages of self-publishing when you are selling a service for it seems inherently dishonest to me. Weirdly, the link to the copyediting page goes to a post entitled Writing Children”s Picture Books ???????? …And then talks about editing picturebooks. It”s a nice page with character info, numbers and contact details, but still not what I was expecting. Copyediting being a useful tool for dyslexics was mentioned elsewhere, but no such thing is even alluded to here. I think an additional post could bulk out the copyediting section and take some of the strain out of the very long post in the first section!