Readings at the Tuesday night group

?Recently, the vexed issue of booking reading slots has come up for debate once again. In many ways, this is a good problem to have. It means lots of people are doing lots of writing, and value the feedback they get from the group. However, it makes it hard to be fair to everybody: to make sure that those who come regularly and critique other people get their turn, but without excluding new members, who might have to wait months before they can read. At the moment we are booked up into 2014, which is not ideal.

?Sofia has come up with a simple and sensible solution, which I”m proposing to bring in as of 10/9/13, unless there are substantial objections. This is that people will only be able to book ONE future reading slot at a time; once you”ve done your reading, you can then book another one. We”ll continue with the current rule too of only one reading per person per calendar month.

?To implement this we”ll be crossing out any future bookings bar the one allowed each, and opening those bookings again. Apologies to anyone who”s booked ahead- but it will make it easier for you to get future bookings in.

?Please note this does NOT apply to Pow-Wow Plus (the Wednesday night sessions.)

?If anybody has any thoughts or comments, particularly if there are objections, then please do reply to this post, email me, or talk to me on Tuesday- I value everybody”s opinions, and want to run the group so that it meets everybody”s needs. However as it stands this seems to me to be the fairest, simplest way forward.