New novel from Katharine D’Souza

Katharine D’Souza’s new novel, Deeds Not Words, is now available via Amazon. Museum curator Caroline thinks history is safely in the past, until a century-old family secret collides with problems at work and upsets her plans for a quiet life in Birmingham. Why has nobody mentioned Great Aunt Susannah before? What does Caroline’s old flame want from her? And are any of the paintings really what they appear to be? As she battles professional rivalries, attempts to contain family dramas, and searches for historical treasure amongst the clutter, Caroline is forced to decide what she holds most valuable and exactly what she?s going to do to protect it. Deeds Not Words. Because actions speak louder. Deeds Not Words? is a witty, sharply observed tale of contemporary life, which will delight everyone who enjoyed?Park Life and no doubt win many new readers. Katharine’s novels are available here: