New critique night!

Following recent discussions I am delighted to announce a new monthly critique night. This will take place at the Prince in our usual room, at 8pm on the second Wednesday of every month. Each evening will consist of four half hour slots; the reader can decide themselves how much preamble to do, how much to read and how much time to leave for feedback, but timings will be strictly enforced. We”ll have a 10-15 minute break after the second reading, so we”ll finish at 10.15 approx. Because there”ll be no introductions, punctuality will be very important.

The booking form for the first evening (Wednesday March 13th) will be available at the next Pow-Wow, on a first come, first served basis. Bookings for subsequent Wednesdays will only be available at Wednesday meetings.

We”ve got the room booked for these sessions for the remainder of the year, but I”m running them on a trial basis. If they”re poorly attended, or affect attendance at Tuesdays, we”ll have to review them. Of course if they take off and there”s demand, we can look to have a second night each month. We”ll see how it goes.

Readings/ critiques

Readings for the Tuesday night group are now booked up into May. This is in many ways a good thing; it shows that not only is the group lively and busy, but also that there’s lots of writing going on. However it’s also clear that we need more capacity for getting people the critiques on their own work that they need. The idea of the group was always to maintain a balance between community, craft and critique, and I think that balance is more or less right at the moment, so I don’t want to tinker with Tuesday nights too much. One option would be to add another critique week each month, but there wasn’t much enthusiasm for that last time it was suggested, and it only adds one other slot every month. I’m also not keen on the idea of splitting the group, or trying to set up another night along the same lines of Tuesdays. So I’m throwing it open to suggestions: how can we make sure everyone gets the opportunity to have their work critiqued when they need it, without spoiling what we’ve already got? All thoughts are welcomed- be creative, daft even, That’s sometimes where the best ideas come from.

Short stories

Following Tuesday’s discussion, let’s hear your suggestions for the best short stories, which will convince the sceptics among us that they’re not just for people who can’t be bothered to write a novel…