Online Mentoring

Professional, affordable online support for emerging and developing writers

How does it work?

Once a month you email around 3000 words of your writing to your mentor, and arrange a time for a Skype meeting. The meeting lasts an hour, and is an opportunity to discuss the work you sent, and also your writing practice and overall progress to your goals. Each meeting concludes with action points for the next month.

What does it cost?

We charge £25/ 250RMB per hour, including reading/ preparation time. So if you send 3000 words and have a one hour meeting, mentoring will cost £50/ 500RMB per month (plus booking fee). If you want us to read more of your writing, or have a longer meeting, then it will cost more accordingly. (We recommend allowing 2 hours for the first meeting, as there is often more to discuss. Contact us for price in other currencies.)

Do you set writing exercises?

If you need creative stimulation, then we can give you inspiring, challenging writing prompts. However if you want to finish a novel, produce stories for publication, or have other specific goals, then we’ll help you work toward those.

Who will be my mentor?

Andrew Killeen is a critically acclaimed, internationally published author. He is also well known as a teacher of creative writing; he has run courses and classes for Birmingham University, Coventry University and Newman University, teaches at the prestigious Midland Arts Centre, and has appeared at a number of literary and arts festivals.

How do I know if it’s right for me?

If you don’t find your first session helpful, then you can cancel your course, and we will refund all your fees. But we’re confident you’ll agree with previous and current clients that this is the best value mentoring available!

“I found our meetings really useful, affirming and thought-provoking… Thanks again for your support and expert mentoring.”

“A must for anyone who is starting out on their first novel… Non-judgemental, positive and immensely enjoyable. I can honestly say that my writing improved after only one session!”

“Andy’s relaxed manner created a comfortable and informal setting in which to discuss my writing. Each meeting was productive and provided me with plenty to work on. I thoroughly enjoyed the process and would consider it again in the future.”

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